Kamis, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 from Palm Springs & Los Angeles


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving, I am
spending it on vacation with the other half in Palm Springs and Los Angeles.
It is my first time to Palm Springs and it has been many years since I've been
in the City of Angels as a tourist.  Staying in Santa Monica next to the pier
and promenade and dragging the other half on a tour of star homes :)  I've
been to Los Angeles so many times but I never went on the tour.  Secretly, I
just want to ogle all of those neighborhoods of gorgeous homes...

As many of you know, I'm a midcentury modern architecture nut and
 I thought this vintage illustration of Turkey day is very appropriate.

This is probably one of the most iconic midcentury house in Los Angeles.  Case
Study House #2 (the Stahl house) by Pierre Koenig.  The house has been owned
by the same family since the house was built (the Stahl family.)  Julius Schulman
the beloved and famous architectural photographer made the two houses in this
post iconic with his photos.  I had no idea the house is now open on specific
weekends for showings.  If you're ever in the LA area and would like to see the
house, check out their website:  The Stahl House

Isn't the house just wildly amazing?  It has been in many films and advertisements.
Who could resist such as setting, view and wonderful architecture?

The second house is in Palm Springs and was designed by famed midcentury
architect Richard Neutra (Viennese born architect) in 1946.  The photo is
 also by Julius Schulman.  Architectural historian Beth Edwards Harris and
her then-husband purchased the home for $1.5 million in 1992 and hired
 the L.A. architecture firm Marmol Radziner & Associates to
meticulously restore the house to the original design by Neutra.

Another iconic photo of the same house by Slim Aarons who
captured the beautiful, bold and jet setting rich and famous in
their native environents.

A photo of the Kaufmann house by Neutra after the renovation.
It is called the Kaufmann house becuase Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr.
hired Neutrato design the house for the family.  Kaufmann was a
Pittsburgh department store tycoon. The interesting thing is that a
decade earlier, Kaufmann had commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright
to build Fallingwater in Pennsylvania which is probably the most
 famous residential houses that Frank Lloyd Wright ever built. 
Wright was not happy that Kaufmann had hired Neutra instead of
 him to build his desertgetaway.  It seems that Kaufmann had quite
an eye for architectural talent having comissioned not one, but two
of the most iconic midcentury homes every built.

My book pick of the week of you that liked the photo by
Slim Aarons above.  Slim Aaron's photography makes for
really great art on the wall.  I would definitely check his
books out - they make gorgeous coffee table books as well
as have collections of his photos in conveniently bound

Thoughts on midcentury houses, architects and designers?
Favorite things in Palm Springs or LA?

Photos from Google Images & Julius Schulman

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Kamis, 18 November 2010

Study in Pink: Betsy Johnson's Former Pink New York City Apartment

Betsy Johnson sold her very pink New York City penthouse 
apartment a while back but I think it's worth doing a post
on her over the top pink apartment.  I adore the yellow chairs
she uses in her dining room as shown in the photo above.
A very nice set of mid-century modern chairs if I must say
so myself.

The view from her penthouse apartment (listed at
1,660 square feet with a 1,000 square feet private 
deck.)  Original asking price was 3.6 million.

Betsy had very cleverly sectioned her bedroom area 
off with a black screen and pink chair and ottoman.

A different look at how she sectioned her bed from
the rest of the living space in her loft like apartment.
Love the huge pink rug she laid on the floor in this 
corner of the apartment.

A more pristine bathroom in whites.

All the floors in the apartment are ebony which 
really sets off the pink and other colors in the space.

I absolutely adore the hot pink chaise.  The black staircase 
leads up to the 1,000 square foot private deck up top.

A closer look at at the entrance to the kitchen from the dining area.

I love that she mixed something very industrial like
stainless steel finishes with pink.  It's not a combination
most people would think of but it works in an eclectic

To full size sofas facing each other with sheepskin
rugs makes for a very comfortable and luxurious
living area.

You can tell that Betsy not only loves pink but mid-century modern 
touches like the lamp and coffee table in the sitting area.

 At one point, Betsy had redecorated the apratment and
ELLE DECOR UK had featured her apartment in their magazine.

More pink!

 A Very cool portrait.

She went from pink to yellow at one point. Her apartment may be 
over the top but you have to give her credit for being bold in her
 Photos from Apartment Therapy, Luxist
Gala Darling, Fresh Home, and Elle Decor UK

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Senin, 15 November 2010

Miles Redd's New York City Townhome

Recently, I did a post on sofas and couches that Miles Redd has used
in his designs.  The subject of this post is Miles Redd's own New York
City town home.  What a fantastic facade don't you think?  Superchic 
with monotone paint, striped awnings and European style shutters that
frame the outside of all the windows.

The door is painted in a very pretty Robin's Egg sort of blue.

This kitchen has got to be one of the most ogled kitchens on the web.
And of course, it belongs to none other than Miles Redd.  I'm not even
a fan of black kitchens and I'm in complete awe of this one.  Lacquered
black walls and cabinets with a unique countertop material - glass.  It's
not very practical but it sure is unique.  I bet it made you look twice.  The
flooring is gorgeous as are the lamps he used under the cabinets. 

State of the art appliances including a TV monitor built in.

A look from above those glass countertops.

Miles always pays special attention to doors and these zebra covered 
doors with nail head trimming is no different.  Super fun and chic.
 Here's that gorgeous crimson tufted corner sectional I just drool over.

It makes one at least consider pink as a paint color 
even if one has never considered it before.

Here's a beautiful photo of Miles REdd's bedroom.
A picture that captures a gorgeous mood.

The same bedroom with Miles Redd on his own bed.  
I love that he tufted the headboard all the way to the top.


The bedroom leads to a completely mirrored dressing room and bathroom.

Talk about stepping into a fantasy.  You'd probably imagine a dressing
like this would belong to an old Hollywood silent film star. 

 You can see the sink and vanity from here and the marble encased 
bath tub in the mirror opposite of the vanity.  Totally over the top.
I'm not entirely sure I could live in a room covered entirely in 
mirrors but it's a cool room to check out.

When it comes to Miles REdd's outdoor space, it is absolutely
like a dream - straight out of a fantasy.  I love the color palette
and all of the things he has done with it.


Simply amazing with the turquoise Trompe-l'oeil trellis which is 
out of this world.  The black and white harlequin patterend floors
really finishes the space off.
Photos from New York Social Diary, 
New York Times, Domino and Miles REdd's site.

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